Join us for a self-empowering journey to heal the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual Dis-Eases of our modern times.

In this Free Online Event, we will:


Envision a healing paradigm based on wholeness

Rather than offering a prescription for what ails you, just treating symptoms, we will explore the foundational elements that can naturally and organically shift your experience of life, health and well-being, creating the conditions that allow deep healing of body, mind and spirit. Western Medicine, while amazing and powerful in many ways, often treats symptoms rather than root causes; there is a focus on repairing that which is “broken”. This perspective lacks awareness of the complexity of the whole person and their relationship to the rest of life.

The way of ancient healers is to treat dis-ease at its root, which is often dis-connection. Rather than just “pruning the tree” by treating symptoms, the focus becomes remembering wholeness, identifying and releasing the root cause, and repairing that dis-connection. This wider perspective opens new and otherwise unimagined avenues for healing.

Because the truth is, you have more power to heal than you can ever imagine!


Merge ancient wisdom traditions with modern science

There is a vast well of ancient wisdom which we can tap into to find more ease in this lifetime. And you may be surprised to learn how it deeply complements and enlivens modern science. At the root of this innate, embodied way of knowing is choosing to focus on and enact all that speaks to the wholeness available to us in every moment.

Learn practices that invite you to reclaim the healing powers that are your birthright

WE are the ones we have been waiting for.

Now it is time to RE-Member the power we each have to heal.

Learn to live with joy, well-being, ease, and compassion for all of nature, stepping into your fullest, most magnificent glory!

As we widen the lens of possibilities and learn to deeply heal (regardless of cure), we realize that our healing is not just for ourselves, but is a sacred gift to this world which is waiting for all of us to remember Wholeness and act from the perspective of interconnection with all of life.

As we heal individually, we contribute to the healing of the whole.


“to heal
you have to
get to the root
of the wound

and kiss it all the way up”

―Rupi Kaur,The Sun and Her Flowers

In this powerful gathering, you will be offered wisdom and guidance from 26 modern scientists, visionaries, indigenous healers, mystics, physicians, ancient wisdom holders and energy healers of all kinds, each with the intention of shining their unique light on a new, more Whole-istic paradigm for healing: one that benefits each of us and all with whom we share life.

Step out of the box with me as we explore the resilience of the physical and energy bodies, the healing power of the mind, and the compassionate realm of spirit that is always there to support you.

You will be able to use all that you learn here immediately to live with more ease in this busy and often overwhelming human life.

Join us for this FREE, Self-Empowering Event

October 13-18, 2019

Here is our panel of amazing healers:

This is truly a life-altering and perspective shifting event-one that has the power to help you heal the very root causes of your dis-ease.

Give yourself a gift and join us !

Everything that you learn here will serve you for the whole rest of your life…

AND your healing is a gift for this aching world.

I look forward to seeing you there!

May this work benefit us all🙏